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Community Service

Mintz in the Community

Across the firm’s seven offices, our attorneys and professionals come together to support organizations doing good in our communities. We give our time and share our talents. We raise funds and donate needed items. Together we create and take advantage of opportunities to show up and contribute — partnering with groups that provide food and shelter, education, childcare, disease prevention and treatment, support for veterans, and other essential services to vulnerable individuals. One-time efforts often grow into seasonal traditions. Many of our nonprofit partners count on our support year after year.

Mintz Cares

American Cancer Society Daffodil Day

For more than 20 years, the firm has been a major participant in the American Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Days in March. Mintz even received an award for its participation and support. Daffodils, teddy bears, and Gifts of Hope are sold within the firm. Volunteers from Mintz also do outside sales at the Prudential Center in Boston — helping to raise even more money for the cause.


Back-to-School Backpack Project

Since 2003, the firm has provided nearly 4,000 backpacks to children living in shelters. Each child receives a backpack filled with school supplies and a new outfit to wear on the first day of school. The backpacks are tailored to each child so that they are very personal and special. The shelters say this is marvelous for the children’s self-esteem: They go back to school dressed as nicely as their peers, with backpacks filled with supplies. It makes them feel good about themselves, encourages them to look forward to the new school year, and lets them know their community cares about them and about their education.



BUILD provides entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning to youth in under-resourced communities. Students participating in the program regularly come to the DC office to sell the goods they develop through the BUILD program.


La Casa de Las Madres

San Francisco’s La Casa del Las Madres provides shelter and support for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Each year, the San Francisco office raises funds for the organization. In 2016, the office held a silent auction and several bake sales that raised over $3,000. With the funds, the office created 10 gift baskets, each with warms pajamas, scented soap and lotion, slippers, and a journal. We also donated 200 cereal bowls – 100 for adults and 100 for children – and gave the organization a check for $2,300. In 2017, the office sponsored La Casa de Las Madres’ “Red Hot” party and donated $500.


Citizen Schools 8th Grade Academy

The firm has assisted this Boston-based nonprofit afterschool program for more than 15 years. Lawyers and professionals volunteer in its writing apprenticeship program for eighth-grade students from underserved Boston middle schools, working one-on-one with students as writing mentors / tutors throughout the school year and helping them to complete approximately four writing pieces, which are ultimately featured in Bridging, Citizen Schools’ annual magazine. The work Mintz does is, of course, only a small piece of the students’ overall academic development, but it is an important one, as it facilitates their transition into high school and beyond.


District Alliance for Safe Housing

The District Alliance for Safe Housing provides access to safe housing and services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their families in the DC area. In 2015, a team from the DC office partnered with the District Alliance for Safe Housing to organize a movie night for the mothers and children who reside at a shelter.


Elizabeth Stone House Christmas Party

Every year, the firm hosts a Christmas party for the children and mothers of Elizabeth Stone House. There are activities for the children, a full meal, and gifts presented by Santa himself.


Elizabeth Stone House Halloween Spookfest

For years, the firm hosted a Halloween Spookfest for the children of Elizabeth Stone House. The event is now held at Elizabeth Stone House itself, and Mintz is the official sponsor, sending over costumes and candy along with whatever other items may be needed.


Family Giving Tree Backpack Drive

In 2017, the San Francisco office raised funds to purchase and collect supplies for 35 backpacks for local schoolchildren living in poverty.


Holiday Gift Drive for Children

Every holiday season, attorneys and staff buy gifts for over 100 women and children who are victims of domestic violence. As we think about celebrations and our own good fortune, it is a Mintz tradition to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. 


Holiday Gift Drive for Veterans

Every year, attorneys and staff purchase gifts of clothing and other needed items for approximately 30 to 35 men and women at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans in Boston. The firm’s gift drive started more than 25 years ago, and now the firm is the largest donator of gifts to veterans in Massachusetts. It’s our way of saying thank you to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us, and especially important at a time when more is needed to prevent those who served from falling into homelessness.


Jeans Days

At least once a month, the firm holds a "jeans day" to benefit a charity nominated by a Mintz employee. Participants donate at least $5 to the charity to wear jeans on Friday. Since 2004, we have raised over $350,000.


Lava Mae

Lava Mae, operating in San Francisco and Los Angeles, repurposes public transit buses into mobile showers and toilets for the homeless. Once a year, Mintz puts together hygiene packets including items such as travel-sized toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and the like for the organization’s clients. In addition to donating particular items, individuals in our offices participate in fundraisers, including back sales and a chili cook-off, to raise money to purchase items in bulk. In 2017, we were able to put together over 200 gender-neutral hygiene kits and 50 hygiene kits specifically for women.


Legal Apprentice & Mock Trial Program

The program introduces middle school students to the justice system, and is a partnership between Citizen Schools and Discovering Justice. Over the course of a semester, firm attorneys work with the students to prepare a mock legal case. At the end of the semester, the students conduct a full trial in federal court, delivering opening and closing statements and examining witnesses in front of an actual state or federal judge. Mintz staff also help to coordinate the trial by recruiting volunteer jurors for the mock trial itself.


Meals on Wheels (MOW)

The San Francisco office, through its SF Community Impact Committee, regularly provides support to Meals on Wheels (MOW). The participants started by going to MOW and bagging groceries the first Wednesday of each month. Later MOW approached the team about participating in its Adopt-a-Building program. Now, every Friday, Mintz volunteers go to our adopted building, the West Hotel in the Tenderloin, to deliver meals to about 30 MOW clients.


Mintz Votes Initiative

During the 2020 p​residential election, over 80 attorneys and staff volunteered through approved nonpartisan opportunities, and many more volunteered their time independently on partisan activities. Through the sharing of “Inspired to Vote” stories, selfies in our #MintzVotes masks, and office-wide email chains, we have tried to reinforce our sense of community.


PK Day

Our Washington, DC office is proud to honor former colleague Peter Kimm with the annual PK Day of community service. Peter Kimm was a young Member in the DC office who was killed in an automobile accident in June of 1995. He was an extraordinary person and lawyer, and he was deeply dedicated to his community. The DC office started the Peter Kimm Community Service Day in 1995 to honor his memory, and we continue the tradition to this day. PK Day not only honors the memory of a wonderful colleague, but serves as the cornerstone of our community service activities. Everyone in the office — staff and lawyers — engages in both fund raising and hands-on activities to benefit children and others in our community. In 2017, some of our attorneys and staff headed out to the DC SCORES Jamboree at JC Nalle Community School to grill, serve lunch, and play games with the kids. Others spent the day stuffing book bags with summer reading materials, snacks, art supplies, and educational toys for the children. They also made 500 PB&J sandwiches and bags of healthy snack mix for Martha's Table, a local charity organization in DC that provides food and other services for those in need.  


Project Hope Holiday Party

Mintz sponsors Project Hope’s annual holiday party, which takes place at its facility. We provide gifts for the children as well as the holiday dinner.


Rebuilding Together

Volunteers from our San Francisco office regularly work with Rebuilding Together, an organization that brings people together to rebuild homes for veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income homeowners. In 2017, a week before the Rebuilding Together weekend, Mintz volunteers did prep work at the home of a former pastor, cleaning out his garage, washing walls, and clearing out an upstairs bedroom so volunteers could paint. In 2016, the Mintz volunteers did prep work in the garden of a local elementary school.   


United Way Pie in the Sky

Mintz is a proud supporter of Pie in the Sky, an annual campaign sponsored by Community Servings, an organization which prepares more than 2,000 meals each day and delivers them to individuals with HIV/AIDS and other acute life-threatening illnesses throughout the metro Boston area. Through Pie in the Sky, Mintz sells about 100 pies to employees each Thanksgiving season, raising about $3,000 for the organization.


Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy

The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy offers programs to reinforce school curricula through baseball and other activities during critical after-school hours. In 2017, through the academy, a team from our DC office offered gifts to about 140 elementary school children residing in some of DC’s most underserved areas.